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ZeyFIL Olive Net

ZeyFIL Olive Net, the brand preferred by Turkey and the world; It allows the olives to be collected without touching the ground and without being damaged by laying them under the trees before the picking process.

Why ZeyFIL Olive Net?

• Prevents yield loss

• Quality of olive oil is not decreased

• Provides time, manpower and energy saving

• It is a monofilament file

• Mixed stabilized UV

ZeyFIL is also used in the following and similar areas;

• In the collection of fruits such as olives, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts by shaking method,

• To prevent fish escapes in aquaculture farms,

• As a substrate for spread-dried crops such as peppers, grapes, tomatoes,

• For the purpose of protection from leaves or external factors in swimming pools,

• As environmental protection cover in constructions.

ZeyFIL Olive Net Specifications

We are at your service with our special "Knitted Net" products for your needs..

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