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Your Solution Partner in Protection Nets

We are at your service with our “KNITTED NET” products for packaging, protection and shading purposes.

Protection Nets

GölgeFIL Shade Net

It provides protection from sunlight, wind and temperature changes in the areas where it is used.


It is used as a decorative shading net or windbreaker in hotels, restaurants, cafes, beaches, parking lots and sports areas.

DoluFIL Hail Net

It is used in fruit and vegetable production to protect products against hail.

İnşaatFIL Construction Net

It prevents dust and slag from escaping by stretching to the outer surface of the buildings in constructions.

ZeyFIL Olive Net

Before the picking process, it is laid under the trees and ensures that the olives are collected without touching the ground and without being damaged.

ArıFIL Bee Net

During the fertilization process, it prevents the bees from leaving the greenhouse and all kinds of other insects from entering.