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HayFIL Bale Netwrap

HayFIL Bale Netwrap, the brand preferred by Turkey and the world, is used for baling on roll products such as stem, chaff, corn silage, sugar beet pulp, tare and clover.

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Why HayFIL Bale Netwrap?

• It wraps the entire bale optimally and minimizes product loss

• It allows the bales to be transported and stacked easily

• In certain areas of HayFIL, the braids are tightened to provide extra strength and coverage

HayFIL has received the Signum Test Certificate, which is valid worldwide, by the German Agricultural Association DLG, with its technical features approved both in laboratories and in field applications.

Polifil is the FIRST and ONLY company in Turkey to have this certificate.

Our pallets are packed with STRETCH HOOD technology;

• Allows more rolls to be loaded per pallet

• It prevents the rolls from slipping

• It minimizes the possibility of damage during transportation

• It prevents damage caused by getting wet

• It reduces transportation cost

HayFIL Bale Netwrap Features

HayFIL Standard
HayFIL Robusto
HayFIL XX Ultra
HayFIL Reinforced
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HayFIL Bale Netwrap

It is high strength.

It has guaranteed UV protection.

Manufactured from 100% High Density Polyethylene.

It is environmentally friendly.

There is a red warning strip in the last 50 meters.

We are at your service with our special "Knitted Net" products for your needs..

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