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DecoFIL, the brand preferred by Turkey and the world; It is used as a decorative shading net or windbreaker in hotels, restaurants, cafes, beaches, parking lots and sports areas.

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Why DecoFIL?

It provides protection from sunlight, wind and temperature changes in the areas where it is used. DecoFIL, which refracts the sun’s rays at the desired rates and provides a homogeneous distribution, has a wide usage area.

• It is used in restaurants, beaches, sports arenas, pools and car parks

• Makes shadowing and provides protection against harmful solar rays in livestock industries and animal shelters

• Mixed stabilized UV

• Wide Product range provides shading between %25-%90

• When implementation conditions are provided it is durable to laceration

• Provides air circulation at ideal level

• Our products are rolled doubled with Folding machine

DecoFIL Specifications

We are at your service with our special "Knitted Net" products for your needs..

To get detailed information and a price quote, you can contact us via the contact form below or call us right away.