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Your Solution Partner in Agriculture Nets

We are at your service with our “KNITTED NET” products for packaging, protection and shading purposes.


HayFIL Bale Netwrap

Used for baling on roll products such as stem, chaff, corn silage, sugar beet pulp, tare and clover.

Shade and Protection Nets

It provides protection from unwanted factors such as sunlight, wind, temperature change, dust and soil in the areas where it is used.

PallFIL Pallet Netwrap

Used instead of stretch film for wrapping pallets in order to carry products that require air permeability.

BagFIL Raschel Bags

Used in the packaging of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, fruits and vegetables.

Why Polifil

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About Polifil

POLİFİL Packaging Industry and Trade Co. for over thity-five years notably in agricultural sector, producing all the sectors purpose of package, cover and shadowing, kinds of high compactness polyethylene goods; ”KNITTING MESH”

POLİFİL, leads the field in Turkey with exporting its product approximately 90% Quality and customer satisfaction are creating our companies primary target and mission .With this sense it has highly regarded respectable and has a trustworthy position especially in Europe.

Packaging, Protection and Shading Nets

To get “KNITTED NET” varieties made of High Density Polyethylene