POLİFİL Packaging Industry and Trade Co. selects to supply all necessities and expectations of its clients on time to be able to ensure continuity on product quality as the baseline of quality policy.

At POLİFİL Packaging Industry and Trade Co., practices such as; quality, environment, health&safety at work are practiced in accordance with the principles below;

-National and international regulations and legislations are privileged at all the practices.

-Acting with the responsibility of being the leader and the innovator of the sector, without compromising on main company principles which are in accordance with sociological and technological changes.

-The projects that are created to improve quality, environment, healty&safety at work are implemented in order to maintain this consciousness, corrective actions are performed continuously.

-Aimed to have an organization in which suppliers, business partners, clients and employees are uninterruptedly learning from each other on mutual reliance.

-Ultimate sensitivity is displayed for the protection of environment and flora, and it is provided to use sources with this consciousness.

-Decisions are made according to the principle of ‘participation’ getting opinions of employees. It is provided to make all individuals have responsibility, involvement and authorization about their job. It is aimed to have an environment in which everyone owns their job and is contented with it.


HayFIL has a Signum Test Certificate under favor of technical specialties approved in both labs and field practices by German Agriculture Association which has worldwide validity. POLİFİL Packaging Industry and Trade Co. is the FIRST and ONLY company that has this certificate in Turkey.