Bale Netwrap



The use of baling on roll some goods like; Stem, chaff, corn silage, sugar beet pulp, tare, clover.

  • Optimally wraps the whole bail and minimizes yield loss.
  • Allows to carrying & hoarding the bales with ease
  • It's more advantageous than prismatic/square bale in terms of economical performance and time saving.





POLIFIL Packaging Industry and Trade Co is the ONE AND ONLY company in Turkey who has this Signum Test Certificate which has a worldwide validity and approved by German Agriculture Association ‘’GAA’’, both for laboratory and field practices
The DLG carefully examines the tear-resistance of the net wrap as well as its UV-stability, its weight and the actual length of the wrap.



HayFIL in certain areas with the increased frequency of knitting enables to provide extra power and hiding power.



Our pallets are packaged with

STRETCH HOOD technology

  • Allows freighting more roll per pallet.
  • Stabilizes very unstable loads
  • Minimizes damage during transport.
  • Avoids the damage causing by wetting, shifting, water damage, ripped or loose packing, crushing, and infestation.
  • Decreases the carrying cost.