POLİFİL Packaging Industry and Trade Co. for over twenty-five years notably in agricultural sector, producing all the sectors purpose of package, cover and shadowing, kinds of high compactness polyethylene goods; ''KNITTING MESH''

POLİFİL, leads the field in Turkey with exporting its product approximately 90% Quality and customer satisfaction are creating our companies primary target and mission .With this sense it has highly regarded respectable and has a trustworthy position especially in Europe.

POLİFİL is doyen in its sector,both with our loyal employees- working for many years –and with our overall vision, with state of the art technology, German made production machine park and our quality control laboratory having hi-tech equipment, POLİFİL has reached to a wide product range and high quality. Thus far reinforce its place in domestic and foreign market every single day. We continuously proceed with extreme speed and eagerness for investment and R&D works by taking into consideration the markets currents needs.

POLİFİL was established in fifteen thousand square meter field in Gebze Plastikçiler Organized Industry Site also having important place in art field. In the near future POLİFİL aims to display this savings (including art) in its own exhibition space. We believe that art has a significant role both for individual and institutional development.

The production facility with its senior product quality and customer satisfaction target, its respectful attitude ,its connection with ethics & behavior ,as well as its understanding the value for loyalty and its corporate support for the art makes POLİFİL completely an “innovative modern value center’’.